Fearless Power: The Only Real Power There Is

This blog, unlike the others we’ve posted, will be a little shorter, and thus, sweeter and more to the point. That’s because it’s in reference to our quote of the day posted not too long ago (we’ll wait while you go have a look at it).

Read it? Liked it? We knew you would. If for some reason you don’t who Mary Shelley is, you probably know who the main character in her magnum opus is: Frankenstein. You probably had to read the book in college, if not in high school. And you know there are countless movie and TV versions of the green, square-headed monster (but if you’ve actually read the book you know that Frankenstein was a rather intelligent and passive character, but we digress).

Mary Shelley’s words were few but compelling. Fear is like a smoke-screen; it clouds your vision and rips the breath right out of you. It’s like an illusion that dances before you and mocks you as you stand there trembling, shaking, and doubtful.

But like smoke screens and illusions, fear is not real.

What you fear may be real, yes. And in fact, fearing something is justified. Fearing failure when thinking about launching a business, writing or publishing a book, taking an exam, applying for a job, sleeping alone in the dark, quitting cigarettes/drinking/drugs, leaving a sour relationship, being happy with how you look in the mirror…the list can go on and on about things we all have deep, dark fears about. And they’re all completely normal. 

But fears are often worst-case scenarios we come up with. And anyone who’s lived long enough to overcome something will tell you that worst-case scenarios never actually happen. Therefore, fear, while being a normal feeling, is a crippling feeling. Like a sickness, it should be caught early and nipped right in the bud. 

And as Mary Shelley said, once you let go of your fears, your doubts, your worries, and your insecurities, you will become fearless. And you will become powerful.


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