Small Business and Artist

The Art Studio by Mark Moore

What is the last TV commercial you seen? If you can’t remember it’s because you didn’t enjoy it. What is the last advertisement you heard on the radio,,,, You probably don’t remember that either. What about the ad you viewed in the local paper? Don’t recall. This is because we don’t enjoy them and find them annoying (most of us anyway).

Now think about a song you heard played on the radio by an artist that had an advertising message in it, can you remember it. One pops in my head like say ( my Chevy looks better with you up in it) by Blake Shelton and Nelly, or (I drive a Mercury) by Allen Jackson. Why do I remember this? because I like the songs. How about the last painting or picture you seen hanging on the wall, do you remember what it was? Most likely you do because…

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