I May Fail Today…But I Live to Fight Tomorrow

I May Fail Today...But I Live to Fight Tomorrow

Thank GOD (or whichever deity you prefer to worship) that it’s finally Friday! But more importantly, we should be thankful that today’s a new day anyways.

Courage is often personified as the brazen superhero who flies in to save the day, or as the unabashed soldier audaciously marching forward into battle. Either way, both are making a rather pointed statement saying that they’re roaring at whatever circumstance is facing them.

Well I’m here to tell you that courage doesn’t always mean that you’re brazen, audacious, blatant, forward, or roaring. Some parts of courage actually require one to be timid, to be meek, and to even be humble. The wisdom lies in knowing when to apply any one characteristic.

The humble courage I speak of refers to failing today, but resolving that you’ll get up and try again anyways tomorrow. And that’s the kind of courage we mere mortals should use each and every day.



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