So tell me why you’re here again?

So tell me why you're here again?

Some say the most important day of your life will be the day you get married. Others say it will be the day you graduate from college, or the day you welcome your first child into the world, the day you buy your first home, or even midnight on your 21st birthday when you can finally (legally) buy Jagermeister.

Mark Twain had other sentiments about the most important day(s) in your life. Considering that he went down in history as one of the greatest authors ever, I like to think his sentiments were the right ones.

Whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, there are higher powers that placed you on this earth for a specific reason. Now if that reason is something grand, like being the inventor of the light bulb, or if that reason is not so grand, like being a dedicated volunteer at the local homeless shelter, it’s still a reason nonetheless. It’s your purpose and finding it is key to lifelong well-being.

When you know why you’re here, why you exist, and why you were born, it makes going through the duldrums of every-day life that much more bearable. Finding your purpose gives you reason to look forward to every new day and it gives you hope for every tomorrow that you face.

Those who don’t know their purpose wander aimlessly. They wonder what direction their life is supposed to go in and they ponder whether or not their existence even means anything. Don’t be that person.

Find your purpose so that when someone asks why you’re here, you can give them one kick-a** answer.



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