The Girl With the Golden Pen Issue #1: Let the Light In

Here at Word Play, I believe in trying new things and being innovative while at the same time sticking to what I know: using the power of words for good. With that said, today will be the debut of a weekly series I call The Girl With the Golden Pen (I’m a James Bond fan; all my fellow Bondies will get the joke).

Every Thursday, I pledge to write something spontaneous that will provide illumination (hence the “gold”) to my followers. Whether it’s a poem, a very short story, a word of the week, or anything at all, rest assured that it will be something altogether encouraging, entertaining, meaningful, and insightful. The very first issue: Let the Light In. It’s what I call a freestyle poem, where similar to freestyle rap, I create the words on the spot as opposed to creating them beforehand. Let’s see how it goes.

Let the Light In

They hate you because you shine

Brighter than the Sun, the moon, the stars,

Or even the finest gold.

They have no light and are dark,

Void of any and all illumination

Lacking in luminous radiance.

Your light enters the room

Long before you do

And, like a translucent ambassador,

Announces your presence to all.

So let your light shine,

Let it be known to all mankind.

Let the world over know

That this here light ain’t leaving.

Let the light in honey.

It’s dark in here.


The Girl With the Golden Pen



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