No Fear Friday: What’s On the Other Side?

No Fear Friday: What's On the Other Side?

Today is #NoFearFriday my fellow Word Players. And while we’re thanking our respective deities that it’s finally Friday, let’s also be thankful that fear is not a word in our vocabulary.

Fear, along with anger, disgust, contempt, joy, sadness and suprise, is one of the most inherent emotions that humans experience. It’s designed to either protect you from something bad (having a fear of poisonous snakes) or keep you from something good (having a fear of starting your own business). Ironically, it’s the very thing you fear the most that should be the very thing you seek to conquer.

So recognize that everything you want, everything you crave, everything you desire (that you know is good for you) is on the other side of your fear. Find a way to get to it and you’ll find a way to vanquish that fear.



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