He Who Laughs Last…

He Who Laughs Last...

It’s the first Monday of the new year (happy new year, by the way) and seeing that it’s also #MotivationMonday, a post like this is absolutely perfect.

When they mock your dreams, poke fun at your passions, ignore your ambitions, and laugh at your dedication, rest assured that in due time, they will be the first ones to copy those same things they once scorned. What they once found confusing they will soon altogether covet. What they thought was a joke will become they very thing they become jealous of.

So no, it’s not okay to give up. And no, it’s not okay to dismiss your New Year’s Resolution as being just another “pipe dream.” Go after it with everything in you this year. Don’t quit until it’s done. Then leave the world quietly wondering how the hell you managed to make it happen.



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