Come Alive Already!

Come Alive Already!

It’s #WordPlayWednesday fellow Word Players, so stay tuned to our Twitter page for your weekly dose of idioms, puns, and delightful words galore. Now back to today’s post.

There are many important questions one will ask themself as they grow: when is the right time for me to get married? To finish school? To start my business? What kind of contribution should I make to this world before I die? What kind of legacy will I leave behind, if I leave behind one at all? An altogether more important, and altogether most significant question to now ask is: what makes me come alive? What makes the very blood in my veins boil over with adrenaline, with passion, and with fervor?

Whatever your answer to that question may be is exactly what you must seek to accomplish, and you must go after it with the same zeal with which the sun chases the morning clouds. The world is a living, thinking, breathing being. It is alive. And it needs people who have come alive in order to continue living on.



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