The Girl With the Golden Pen Issue #2: Just One Of Them Thangs


There’s a reason this post is so late (yes, I consider 9:43pm to be late). I’m actually having a hard time finding inspiration for these weekly TGGP posts. Usually, writing is something that comes very easily to me, even when I have to do it at the spur of the moment. But for some reason, coming up with illuminating, inspiring, insightful, and even entertaining posts for this particular weekly piece is difficult. And for me, it shouldn’t be. At least I think it shouldn’t be.

One of my Near Year’s Resolutions is to write a poem for every single day of this year so that I can get back into the habit of nurturing my creative gift. I guess what I’ve forgotten is that writing, like math, becomes easier the more one practices it. It’s something that one has to continually do over and over again, without question, in order to not only be good at it, but to experience creative growth. It’s been a while since I’ve written as often as I’m writing now. Hopefully, with all the practice I’ve been rendering myself subject to, I’ll get better. And better. Then one day, my better will become my best.

What can I say? In the words of songstress Monica, it’s just one of them thangs.


The Girl With the Golden Pen


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