Go Ahead & Dismiss Me

Go Ahead & Dismiss Me

I love getting into heated debates with people who dismiss my work. To them, I’m just an imaginative writer whose fleeting dreams of captivating millions with my words is nothing more than a drug-induced fantasy I’ll forget about once I live in “the real world” (whatever that is). They’re the same people who dismiss artists too, whether those artists are painters, singers, songwriters, makeup artists, or the like.

They’re also the same people who live dull, simple, imbecilic lives and who spend their time daydreaming about the lives we artists live; lives that are full of color, of sound, of powerful words, and, most importantly, hope. They’re also the same people who buy bright red convertibles while going through their mid-life crisis just to feel better about their receding hairlines, but that’s another story for an altogether different post.

If you’re an artist, know that your life is rich and vibrant, and filled with resourcefulness, creativity, and verve.



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