#WordPlayWednesday: Dissing The Caterpillar, Then Sweating The Butterfly

The beautiful thing about potential is that people never seem to see it when it’s in you. They can see it in themselves just fine, but seeing it in you? Nah. Same thing applies to the caterpillar. In its initial state, there’s no indication, no sign, no hint whatsoever that inside its body lies the ability to completely transform into a graceful, exquisite butterfly. Butterflies have wings, and thus have the ability to fly. Does a caterpillar have that? Is there any trace of that when the caterpillar is in its caterpillar state?

Of course there isn’t. Which is why people dismiss you when you’re in your caterpillar  state. They can’t see the butterfly. Go ahead and let them dismiss you though. Because when you blossom into the butterfly, they’ll be all over you.



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