#MotivationMonday: Forming a Habit

They say that New Year’s resolutions are as easy to break as they are to form. Most people make resolutions to get in shape, while others make resolutions to be smarter with their finances, and still others make pledges to be better people from within.

By the end of January, though, a large majority of those resolutions have been left to collect dust until the following new year. A big factor in this abandonment has to do with motivation and habit-forming. Getting the motivation to start something is the easy part. For those who make resolutions to get in shape, their motivation usually stems from wanting to look like people in magazines or on TV. Looking at something, or someone, and saying “I want that/I want to look like that” is not hard at all. It’s the follow-through that’s the hard part. And it’s in the follow-through where the champions are separated from the wannabes.

So you have to ask yourself: will you be a champion? Or will you just be another wannabe? Because all wannabes do is want something, or want to be something. They never go through with completing the action(s) they desire to accomplish. As this new year approaches, make your resolution(s) with not just January in mind, but make them with February, March, and April in mind as well. Are they realistic resolutions that you can actually follow through on into perpetuity? Or are they entirely too lofty to be seriously pursued?

Will you be a wannabe with tons of motivation and no follow-through? Or will you be a champion who exceeds your own expectations? Pretty tough questions with surprisingly simple answers. The answers lie within you.



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