#TerrificTuesday: Will fate favor you?

It’s easy to look at the lives that fortunate people live and say, “They have it so good! I wish I had even half of what they have. Why can’t I be so lucky?” What we have to understand though, is that fate does not favor the fortunate. Fate favors the survivors, and survivors are usually some very unfortunate people.

History alone has enough context to prove this point. Those who survived the atrocities of tyrannical monarchies are the ones who lived to tell the story, and are the ones who lived to overcome it. If you don’t want to go as extreme as that, then just look at people who have achieved greatness in one form or another. The ones who accomplished the most dazzling successes that positively impacted large groups of people are the ones who have the most trying, most unfortunate stories to tell. Their stories are filled with anecdote after anecdote of survival, of overcoming, and of ultimate triumph against their circumstances.

So when you’re envying the “easy” life of someone else, remember that the “uneasy” life you live is simply fate making her finest selection. And fate favors those who have survived the worst of the worst. Always.


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