#WordPlayWednesday: In Times of Stress…


People are quick to say that happiness is a deliberate choice that you make, and as a result, happiness is something that you can control. After all, the decision to be happy is entirely on you. If you’re not happy, then that’s your fault.

What people forget to point out is that there are factors in life beyond the realm of our control, and these factors have direct impacts on our ability to feel happy, or to feel at peace. So of course, it’s easy to feel happy when life is going well, and when the things you want to work out are working out. When life isn’t going so well, which is how life works for 100% of the human population, then our happiness is impeded. That impediment directly affects our stress levels.

So what do you do when you’re stressed beyond reason? When your blood pressure is spiking through the roof? When your skin is covered in angry, red pimples, when your weight is fluctuating, and when you’re losing sleep over every little (and every big) thing?

Busy work. That’s what you do. You take that anger, that displeasure, and that dissatisfaction, and you roll it all up. Then you expel it on something. Anything. 

Does your closet need to be re-organized? Busy yourself doing that. Those dishes in the sink that have been piling up for a while? Busy yourself doing washing them. That laundry stinking up your house? Get to it. And if you’re already a very tidy, very clean person, then find something else to do. There’s an endless supply of things that need to be done around your home, your office, or even your car.

Doing that busy work will help you feel as though you’ve accomplished something, which will decrease your stress levels. And this will bring clarity to you, which will ultimately allow you to channel your stress into more productive activities, such as remedying what has you so stressed in the first place.



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