You did it. 

You survived a year that you thought would surely kill you. You thrived in an environment that was designed specifically for your demise. And here you stand. Bruised, weary, even bent out of shape. But still standing nonetheless. The new year is fast approaching, and it’s filled with opportunity, with chances to right what has been wronged, with chances to avenge yourself and all that you love, with chances to slowly piece together what has been shattered. You stand questioning, second guessing, reflecting, rejoicing, mourning, curious, fearful, excited, thrilled, nervous, and awakened. You realized the potential that you have, and that potential was manifested through some very unexpected circumstances in some very unusual ways.

Your happy ending may or may not have come to be this year. But there is a new opportunity brimming on the horizon, and this opportunity brings with it the possibility of creating that happy ending.

Reflect on 2015. Strategize for 2016. And by any means necessary, have a happy new year. 🎉🎊🎈


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