#WordPlayWednesday: Letting Go

Life doesn’t give a sh*t about your plans. (Not to be inappropriate, but sometimes honesty is best conveyed with the use of certain four-letter words.)

But life not caring about your plans can actually be a blessing in disguise. As humans, it’s in our very nature to plan absolutely everything. Even those who claim to be “Type B” personalities make plans for how they expect life events to turn out. We all had some idea of what we wanted to be when we grew up, and we all made some kind of plan for achieving that goal. We probably even made contingency plans just in case the primary plans fell through.

What we don’t plan for is when all of our plans fall through. That includes contingency plans, back-up plans, plan Bs, plan Cs, and all that follow. There’s no way to plan for that at all, so when sh*t hits the fan (which it always does; that’s one thing you can count on), we’re devastated, and we’re left to feel as though there is no way we can go on. Who wants to live a life that has no sound footing? A life where nothing is set in stone? Where everything is just “up in the air?”

No one in their right mind wants to live that kind of life. But what we have to remember is that the least expected plan of all is the one we must accept, because that is the plan that will carry us to victory. There are going to be many times where you’ll have to let go of all the life plans you made, not because they’re bad or because they’re inherently wrong, but simply because you must be able to accept the life that fate has planned for you. And that is a life you will definitely want to live.

Enjoy this Word Play Wednesday.


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