#WordPlayWednesday: Something Real

Mark Twain told us to do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear will be certain. Mary Wollstonecraft told us to beware of her, because she was fearless and therefore powerful. Winston Churchill told us that if we’re going through hell, we should keep going.

What do all of these maxims have in common? They each require that you not only believe in yourself and believe in the fight for your dreams, but that you act on that belief. Acting on your belief not only turns your dream into a reality, but it gives you the bravery needed to face the challenges of turning said dream into the reality. The hardest part about making any dream a reality is acting on that dream. Doing something physical, something tangible, something real is the first step you must take. It’s a necessary step because it will take you from just daydreaming about your goals to making your goals something substantive, something real.

Enjoy your jump day Word Players.


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